GIVO Foundation

GIVO Center

The GIVO Center operates as a local hub operated by youth and women, that collects recyclables (plastics and cans) from neighboring environments and processes them into industrial products. The GIVO Center is a 40feet container structure that serves as our collection point for recyclables.

Each GIVO Center is fully solar-powered and can process over 90 tons of plastics yearly.

Suatainable. Digitized. Impactful-driven

  • Job Creation

    Each GIVO Center provide between 10 to15 jobs to youths and women

  • Processing Capacity

    250-300 kg of plastics collected and processed daily

  • Tech Driven

    Fully digitized collection and prossing of recyclables

Our Collection Process

Our process begins with the collection of recyclable materials where we engage with the key players which we call depositors– these are individuals, families, small businesses, and corporations that participate in our waste collection activities. The waste collected is measured, weighed, and documented on our database. We aim to get to the point where every user of our platform knows exactly how much waste they have generated at every given point in time. The waste depositors are rewarded with cash and non-cash rewards while helping to curb the waste problem in the country. Plastic wastes can be dropped at any of our facilities, called GIVO Centers. The GIVO Centres act as collection and processing points. By 2022 we hope to have 22 centers across the country.

How we're contributing to the Sustainable Goals