Our Processes

Our Process

Sustainability is a core value in our company, and so we only use 100% renewable energy. We are also proud to be working towards being a zero-waste manufacturer as we recycle all manufacturing remnants into new products, giving our plastic a new, beautiful and sustainable life in the circular economy.

Our processes leverage heavily on technology which gives us the ability to collate data at every point in the recycling process. from the collection of recyclable materials to the processing of these materials and finally to the sales and donation of the upcycled products.

Collection of Recyclable Materials

Our process begins with the collection of recyclable materials where we engage with the key players which we call waste generators – these waste generators are individuals, families, small businesses and corporations that participate in our waste collection activities. The waste collected is measured, weighed and documented on our database. We aim to get to the point where every user of our platform knows exactly how much waste they have generated at every given point in time. The waste generators are rewarded with cash and non-cash rewards, while helping to curb the waste problem in the country.
Plastic wastes can be dropped at any of our facilities, called GIVO Centers. The GIVO Centres act as collection and processing points. By 2022 we hope to have 22 centres across the country.

Processing of Recyclables

The next step in the GIVO chain is the processing of waste materials. Here we use our technology to process the waste – this involves sorting, washing, resizing and shredding, identification & separation and finally compounding where we make new products out of the materials.

GIVO turns the recycled material collected into finished & semi finished goods through the use of IoT (internet of things) enabled devices within it’s centers. This process is powered entirely by renewable energy.

Manufacturing of Products

Once we are done processing, we then sell these new products to consumer buyers – off-takers, individuals, government, corporations and industries. All our products are made in Nigeria and are sold at affordable rates.

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